How You Can Get Started As An Electrician

2 June 2019
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Whether you are just graduating from high school and are thinking about what you want to do as a career, or you have spent many years in one field of work but you are now thinking about a change, you may find that a career as an electrician would be a good choice. To help you have a better understanding of how you can get started in this career, you will want to read through the following tips. Read More 

Signs Of High-Risk Electrical Outlets

29 April 2019
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Your electrical outlets can be a danger to your household if you are not careful. Here are some circumstances that raise the risk level of an electrical outlet. The Outlet Is Close To a Water Source Water conducts electricity; not very efficiently, but some current will flow. Thus, water exposure can create a short circuit in an electrical outlet. A short circuit can trigger an electrical fire, shock, and damage. That is why you should not install outlets too close to water sources, such as kitchen sinks, bathtubs, and shower, among others. Read More 

Three Tasks To Hire An Electrical Contractor To Do

30 April 2018
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Your home's electrical wiring plays a critical role in its operation, which is why you want to make sure it is working properly and is well protected. Thankfully, you are not stuck with the electrical system in the exact same configuration that was created when the home was built. Here are some ways things that an electrical contractor, like those at A To Z Electric Co., can do for your home. Read More 

Put This Here, Put That There, And Plug This In: Demonstrating How Easy It Is To Install An Outlet

25 February 2018
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Did you know that you could have an new outlet just about anywhere in your home? Home wiring is not as difficult as you think. In fact, if you are willing to reroute the wires from another outlet, or use a split connector, you can install the outlet yourself. Here is how to get started. Select the Location for the New Outlet You are probably desperate to get an outlet in your long hallway upstairs, right? Read More 

Weird Electrical Problems Going On In Your Business? 2 Types Of Problems You May Be Having

5 January 2018
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If you are noticing weird electrical problems in your building, you need to contact a commercial electrician. It is important that you do this because some electrical problems can result in electrical fires. Below is some information about two types of electrical problems you may be having and how a commercial electrician, such as from Theco, can repair them for you. Lights Dimming and Flickering If you have several lights dimming and flickering in your building, the problem is generally in the electrical panel. Read More