Two Electrical Tips For Business Owners

21 November 2016
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For business owners, it can be fairly easy for them to make the potentially severe oversight of being poorly informed about their electrical systems. This can have the result of placing the business at a higher risk of suffering property damages. To make it easier for you to avoid these risks, you should follow these basic electrical tips for businesses.

Take Protective Measures Against Electrical Surges

Many businesses require complicated machines and sophisticated computer systems to perform their duties. In addition to being extremely expensive, these devices can also be highly susceptible to damage from electrical surges. To combat this common threat, you will want to install a surge suppression system that prevents these surges from reaching your building's wiring. While installing a whole-building surge suppression system can represent a major investment in your company, keeping your equipment safe from this harm will make this investment far more than worthwhile. Additionally, your commercial insurance policy may offer premium discounts to help offset the costs of installing these systems.

Have The Wiring Inspected Before Installing Energy-Intensive Equipment

Over the course of owning your business, you may need to upgrade your equipment. While this can be a necessary investment for a growing business, this new equipment can require far more power than your old equipment needed. For businesses in older buildings, this may put the energy demand over the maximum limit of the building's wiring. Eventually, this problem can lead to power surges and electrical fires. Fortunately, a commercial electrician will be able to inspect the wiring to make sure that it can accommodate these new devices. When testing the wiring, the electrician will connect it to a special device that can measure the wiring's ability to accommodate powerful currents. In instances where the wiring is inadequate, you will need to have both the wiring replaced and the circuit breakers upgraded. To minimize the disruptions that your business suffers during these electrical upgrades, it may be best to schedule this work for weekends or other times when your company is closed. Depending on the complexity of the project, this work may be ale to be completed before your company reopens for the start of the week.

Electrical issues can be a problem that many business owners are not prepared to address. In order to avoid expensive damages, you need to appreciate the dangers that can be posed by damaging electrical surges as well as the need to test your company's wiring before making any major upgrades. For more information, contact companies like Beckstoffer-Welsh Inc.