Notice Certain Electrical Devices Dimming Your Lights? Hire An Electrician To Assess The Situation

22 November 2016
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Living in an older home with an outdated electrical system does not automatically lead to problems, but as the homeowner, you will need to repair and replace parts of it to keep it running well. It is important to take note of when issues start happening because an electrician should do an inspection. An example of this occurring for you is when you turn on or start using high-powered devices. A hair dryer, microwave, or portable heater are some examples in which you might notice the lights in the area flickering.

Check for Problems That Need to Be Fixed

It is ideal not to take matters into your own hands when it comes to electrical work. Once you have noticed there is a problem, you can let an electrician look at the entire system for potential problems. It could be corrosion or even previous lightning strikes that have begun causing lights to flicker. The key is to avoid investing in all sorts of adjustments or additions when the solution may be a simple and easy fix.

Distribute Power with More Outlets

If the problem lies in using too much power from a single outlet, you should consider installing more outlets. Some of the areas in which you are likely to use high-powered devices include the kitchen and bathroom. You can assess the electrical usage in your home to put the new outlets on less used circuit breakers. This will keep the problem from happening again by transferring one overloaded circuit to another. You may be able to spend as little as $75 for each 120V outlet that you add throughout the house.

Install Circuit Breakers

If you think that your home has reached the maximum in terms of power capacity, you cannot just rely on adding more outlets. You will need to combine the addition of new circuit breakers with outlets that are attached to them to give your home an entirely new stream of power to rely on. With this done, you can take some of the devices that you use regularly and plug them into the new outlets. This will naturally reduce the total load that each circuit breaker takes when using high-powered devices for a short time.

Having electrical issues in your home, but dimming lights is just a minor inconvenience. Getting help from an electrician to eliminate the lighting issue will prevent the symptoms from worsening over time. For more information, contact companies like Dunedin Electric Co., Inc.