How To Replace LED Christmas Light Fuses

28 November 2016
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If your LED Christmas string lights are not working, you don't have to replace the whole string. It is likely a damaged fuse, which can easily be replaced by a novice. LED lights burn brighter, and they are energy efficient, but they occasionally need fixing because of their strength.

A single blown fuse commonly causes the whole string to go dark. This happens when you connect multiple strings. Here are tips to replace a fuse in a string of LED Christmas lights.

Prepare to Work

For this project, you need:

  • work gloves
  • small flat-blade screwdriver or small knife
  • tin foil (optional)
  • fuse tester
  • replacement fuse

Disconnect the power cord to the lights. Remove the socket from the wall, but avoid pulling the socket from the cord. Pulling the cord socket may damage lights further.

Examine the casing for melted plastic and other damage. Discard the lights if the casing is damaged.

Remove the Old Fuse

Find the fuse panel, which should be located on the plug prongs, or the male end of the string. The fuse may be held in place by a cover or drawer. If you can't replace the fuses right away, cover them inside the plug with a small piece of tin oil. Don't let the tin foil touch the clips of good fuses.

Some fuse covers slide off by hand, while you may need to press an arrow on other covers to slide them open. Otherwise, use the screwdriver or a small knife to detach the screws, then slide the cover off.

The fuses should fall out on their own. If they don't easily come out, gently tap the plug against your palm. You can also use the screwdriver or knife to pop them out.

Inspect the fuses. If the fuses are dark, it means they have burned. If you aren't certain of their status, test them with a fuse tester.

Install the New Fuses

Some light strings come with extra fuses, or they can be bought at hardware stores or discount stores. If you don't have spare fuses, use the old fuses as a guide to buy replacements.

Check the fuse rating. Never buy a fuse with a higher rating, or you risk a fire.

Insert the new fuses in place on the clips; pressing them in until you hear a click. and replace the cover. Store spare replacement fuses in safe place.

Plug in your lights to test. If they still don't work, you may have another issue with your electrical system that should be examined by an electrician from a company like Action Electric.