3 Tips For Hiring An Electrical Contractor

7 December 2016
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If you're planning on building a new house, or perhaps just thinking about remodeling a room in your existing home, hiring an electrical contractor is virtually a must. While some projects can be tackled with a little gumption and a free weekend, others -- including electrical jobs -- are best left to experienced professionals. That said, many people don't know what to look for when it comes to actually hiring a contractor. If you've found yourself in such a position, take a look below at some things you should keep in mind during the hiring process.


Not all electrical contractors specialize in the same type of work. If you're looking to build on a piece of land and need an electrical line run to the building, then you'll need to narrow your search to include only 'outside' or 'line' contractors. Similarly, if you're looking to have various electrical systems connected indoors, you'll need to get in touch with an 'inside' electrical contractor. Make sure the contractor you're looking to hire has experience with the type of project you're planning on completing.


For many people, price is a huge factor when it comes to choosing a contractor. While it's hard to justify completely ignoring price, don't forget that you often get what you pay for. While some contractors can promise (and deliver) prices that are far below the competition's, it usually means that they aren't licensed or insured. While this might not seem like a big deal at the time of hiring -- especially if you're looking to get started as quickly as possible -- it can end up costing you much more in the long run, particularly if the electrician you've hired doesn't have liability insurance of several hundred thousand dollars.


Once you've found an electrical contractor that specializes in the type of project you are planning and that offers to work for an attractive price, you'll want to start asking about references. Any reliable contractor will be more than happy to provide multiple references for recent projects. More importantly, the contractor should be able to point you to recent projects similar or even identical to your own. Use this opportunity to inquire about the reference's satisfaction with the contractor's work over time and what changes, if any, they would have made to the project. This kind of information can be invaluable before starting your own project. 

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