Why Are Yearly Electrical Inspections Important For Office Safety?

15 December 2016
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Out of many safety contractors who may come through your office, electricians, such as JF Electrical Contractors, Inc, are one of the most important. Here's why.

Look for Damaged Wiring

The first thing that an electrician can do is evaluate your electrical wiring. A busy office can place a lot of demands on the power supply, which is why problems should be rooted out each year; a lot of wear and tear goes onto your electrical equipment each year.

Inspect Circuit Breakers, Outlets and Surge Protectors

Some of the components that can take a lot of heat in the office are circuit breakers, outlets, and surge protectors. With office equipment that runs almost continually, it's hard to give these electrical components a break. Circuit breakers will be tested, and any repeated circuit trips investigated. Each outlet can be tested for proper grounding, and any visual scorch mark will require a deeper look by your commercial electrician. Surge protectors can also be tested to make sure they're doing their job correctly.

Troubleshoot Power Issues

If you have had issues with a specific part of your electrical wiring, such as a specific corner of the office or a specific set of light switches, your electrician will delve deeper to ensure there are no fire hazards involved in improperly functioning wires.

Check on Shock and Fire Hazards

Fire hazards can crop up in a variety of ways. You might notice things like buzzing outlets, flickering light switches, and shoddy appliances, but make do with them throughout the busy work year. Your visit from a commercial electrician is your time to ask questions and make sure that employees aren't in danger when using these items.

Ensure the Space Accommodates New Developments

Within the span of a single year, a lot can change for a growing business. You may have had new employees join the team, increasing your overall power consumption. Or you might buy new equipment to keep up with the demands of technology in your industry, but these new machines have more electrical components and requirements. However your business has changed over the past year, an electrician can go through to make sure that your underlying electrical structure is still robust enough to support your energy needs. They may need to install additional circuit breakers and outlets or simply help you rearrange your power supply so that no one area of the office is relied on too heavily.