Making Your Home A Vacation Rental? Hire An Electrician To Add Extra Safety Measures

20 December 2016
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When you go to a hotel, you know that the business is following safety requirements for the building. Your room will have the appropriate safety measures, but this is not always the case with vacation rentals. Listing sites encourage their hosts to invest in such measures to provide a better and safer experience for their guests, but it is not something that is guaranteed among all rentals that you can find. If you are about to operate a vacation rental of your own, you should make sure your guests feel as safe as possible.

Hiring an electrician should be all that you need to add valuable, safety-related features.

Electronic Door Lock

Most homes have standard door locks, but there are some clear flaws with this design. It becomes impossible to monitor how many house keys exist because once you give a guest a spare one, they can make copies and you would have no way of knowing whether it happened or not. The best thing that you can do for a vacation rental is to install an electronic door lock that eliminates keys altogether. It allows you to give out temporary codes that you can remove from accessibility at any given time. An electrician will make sure your home is equipped with everything it needs for installing this kind of door lock.

Smoke Detectors

It might not take many smoke detectors to meet the legal requirements, but this does not mean you should stop there. If you intend on renting out a particular bedroom or even multiple bedrooms, you should make sure to add them to catch any smoke from your guests as soon as possible. It is also helpful to have one in the hallway that is directly outside of the bedrooms for even better fire safety. Getting detectors with carbon monoxide detection added can become another selling point for potential guests.

Outdoor Lights

When your guests first pull up to the property, they will start to build up a first impression of the place. Investing in extensive outdoor lighting will give people the instantaneous feeling of safety. You want a combination of lights that make it look natural and attractive, as opposed to a row of floodlights. It is helpful to add a string of lights that line the pathway leading directly to the front door.

When you invest in these projects, you will feel confident about starting your vacation rental. Contact a company like DSL Electric Inc to learn more.