Why Your Air Conditioner Needs To Be Inspected During Winter

10 January 2017
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Are you tired of winter already? Do you wish that spring would arrive quickly so that you no longer have to shovel snow or spend half an hour putting on multiple layers of clothing? Spring is great, but it is soon followed by the high temperatures of summer. If you didn't have your air conditioner checked out during the autumn months, now is the time for you to do so. Here are some reasons to have a professional give your central air conditioning unit a tune-up:

Avoid surprises: It's no fun to be facing the first hot day of the year, only to turn on the central air conditioning and be greeted with nothing but blowing hot air. By having a professional check over your A/C and make any obviously necessary repairs, you'll be helping to prevent this scenario from occurring. If it turns out that your central air conditioning unit is actually on its last legs, you'll have advance notice to start saving now for a replacement. By the time summer rolls around, you should be able to replace the unit with one that will actually keep you cool all summer long.

Save money: During the off-season, many repair technicians will offer a discount on their services in order to entice you to hire them to work on your cooling system. Once summer arrives, not only will they resume their normal prices, but they will also charge an additional fee for urgent or emergency service. If you don't want to risk becoming desperate enough to pay this additional fee, have a technician check out your central air conditioning unit as soon as possible. If he or she does find that something is wrong, you have more time to get it fixed. As a result, you also don't have to spend extra money to expedite shipping if it turns out that the technician needs to order a part from the air conditioning company.

Evict animals: Small critters can sometimes find their way inside a central air conditioning unit as a way to keep warm. If you didn't cover your unit properly, it's possible that insects or small rodents have decided to make their home in your unit. While they may not be causing any trouble right now, turning on the air conditioner with them still inside can result in a potentially dangerous short, or their presence could just simply cause damage to your unit. It's always a good idea to have your unit checked once a year for unwanted inhabitants. 

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