Weird Electrical Problems Going On In Your Business? 2 Types Of Problems You May Be Having

5 January 2018
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If you are noticing weird electrical problems in your building, you need to contact a commercial electrician. It is important that you do this because some electrical problems can result in electrical fires. Below is some information about two types of electrical problems you may be having and how a commercial electrician, such as from Theco, can repair them for you.

Lights Dimming and Flickering

If you have several lights dimming and flickering in your building, the problem is generally in the electrical panel. Inside this panel are circuit breakers, and one breaker controls one area of your building. If you notice several lights dimming and flickering throughout the building it may be a wiring problem and not the actual circuit breakers. The electrician has a special device that they can use to check each wire in the electrical panel. They can then replace the wiring if the electrician finds a problem. If your electrical panel is very old, the electrician may suggest that you replace all wiring and breakers.

If only one light is flashing or dimming, it is likely a problem with one circuit breaker. First, the electrician will turn the breaker off and back on. If the problem still exists, the breaker is probably bad and will have to be replaced. Do not try to install a breaker on your own. Instead, ask the commercial electrician to do this for you. This is because it is important that you install the right breaker at the right voltage.

Intermittent Power Outages in Part of Building

If you are having intermittent power outages in only parts of your building, first check that the circuit breakers that control this power are not tripped. If they are turn the circuit breakers back on to determine if this is the problem.

If the circuit breakers are on, stop here and call a commercial electrician. It is important that you get this problem repaired immediately as it can be dangerous to you and your employees.

It could be a problem with the main breaker but because the problem is intermittent it may be the lead wire that goes to the breaker. If this lead is not connected properly it can connect and disconnect intermittently.

The problem could also be not enough electrical power in your business. If you have added a lot of new computers or other devices, they may be pulling more power than your current circuit breakers can handle. The electrician can check this for you. If found, the electrician will replace the circuit breakers with breakers that have higher amps.

Talk with a commercial electrician about this information and they can give you many more details.