Three Tasks To Hire An Electrical Contractor To Do

30 April 2018
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Your home's electrical wiring plays a critical role in its operation, which is why you want to make sure it is working properly and is well protected. Thankfully, you are not stuck with the electrical system in the exact same configuration that was created when the home was built. Here are some ways things that an electrical contractor, like those at A To Z Electric Co., can do for your home.

Surge Protection

As technology improves, homeowners are using more expensive electronic devices that can become ruined due to a power surge. Computers, televisions, smart devices, and pretty much anything that has a screen on it falls into this category. You may think that the devices in your home are protected from power surges due to the power strip that you use, but you will never know for sure if it is working until you put it to the test in an actual power surge.

Consider having an electrician install a surge protector for your entire home. This will provide much-needed protection from a power surge due to power failures or brownouts, which can cause some serious damage to electronic devices. The amount of money that you spend on one will easily be made back if it saves even one electronic device.

GFCI Outlets

New electrical code requires that GFCI outlets are placed anywhere that an outlet is close to a water source. They are commonly used in bathrooms, kitchens, and outdoor outlets to prevent electrocution if an electronic device gets wet.

You can have an electrician install new outlets in all locations that can potentially be exposed to water. This not only protects the device that you have plugged in, but can protect you from a nasty shock, too.

Additional Lighting

Do you a lighting fixture in the center of a room that is not giving off enough light? If so, you can always expand your existing lighting by having an electrician install more lights. This can be done in a few ways, some being more complicated than others.

It is possible to tap into an existing electrical wire in the ceiling to install more lighting fixtures, which will involve fishing a wire through the ceiling and securing it in place. Track lighting can also be used to extend a single electrical wire across an entire ceiling, allowing you to position lights exactly where you want them.

For more information about electrical projects that can be done around your home, speak with a local electrical contractor.