EV Charger Installation Tips For Homeowners

19 October 2020
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Having an electric car is a chance to better the environment and save a ton of money on fuel. Keeping these special vehicles powered conveniently is possible if you have an EV (electric vehicle) charger installed at home. This installation will go as planned if you're aware of this protocol.

Decide on a Level

The different types of EV chargers for residential use are categorized into different levels. They offer different charging characteristics that you'll want to review so that the level you end up with is appropriate. As far as home EV charging, there is level 1 and level 2. The first option is the most basic; it doesn't require an overly advanced type of installation and is convenient to use. That being said, it does take the longest to charge your electrical vehicle. If you're wanting something much faster, then level 2 charging is what you want to go with. It's a powerful form of charging but may require additional electrical hookups.

Hire an Electrician For Involved Installations

If you go with an EV charging option that involves an involved installation, then you're better off hiring a professional electrician to handle everything. You then won't put yourself in danger or have to worry about rigging your home up incorrectly and then making it unsafe to be around. An electrician that deals with EV charging stations regularly will already be familiar with the hardware. They can complete the setup according to code and in a safe manner. 

Have Home Properly Assessed

Once you figure out what type of EV charger to get for your electrical vehicle, you need to decide on a placement location. The placement will determine what sort of electrical systems and components are required in the setup. You can have your home assessed by installers that deal with these charging stations regularly. They can assess your home's current electrical makeup and decide what location would be best long-term. Having their recommendation gives you complete confidence with the placement location.

Electrical vehicles are becoming very popular today as people see the benefit of green energy. If you have an electric vehicle and want to charge it at home, you'll need to have an EV charger set up. If you're conscious of key factors, this installation will go exactly as you expected it to. For more information about an EV charger installation in your home, contact a local installation company, like Shocking Difference LLC.