5 Ways Outdoor Lighting Benefits Your Commercial Property

17 November 2020
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No matter what kind of commercial operation you have, outdoor lighting is important for your employees, customers, vendors, and clients. Even if your building is closed in the evening, your property can still benefit from outdoor lights.

A commercial electrical service company can install the lights you choose so the work is done according to local codes and done safely so you pass inspections. Here are five ways outdoor lighting can benefit you.

1. Your Property Is More Attractive After Dark

If you have late operating hours, outdoor lights can draw attention to your business and make your property attractive at night. If you close early, you may not want as many lights, but you still might want your property to look as attractive as possible with a few accent lights scattered around your building.

2. Extra Lighting Might Deter Crime

If you have your electrician install lighting in areas normally cloaked in darkness, potential criminals have no place to hide in the shadows on your property. You might want lights installed under trees and around your building.

A commercial electrician can run wiring and equipment to any place you want light on your property. The lights can be mounted on your building or on the ground so you can discourage vandals and trespassers when you're closed for the night.

3. Lights Reduce the Risk of Falls

Adequate lighting reduces the risk of someone tripping and hurting themselves on your property. If your property has walkways and steps far enough from parking lot lights that they are difficult to see in the dark, having an electrician install lights could save you from an injury lawsuit.

4. Festive Lighting Lets You Use the Outdoors

Depending on the type of business you have, you might want to use the outdoors for an employee break area, customer dining, or even a shopping area. When the area is well-lit, people feel more comfortable using the space because they feel safe in the light. You might want basic lights, but if you want to set a mood too, you might have the electrician install string lights or other festive lighting.

5. Lights Help People Find Your Building

The landscape can look different at night, and customers that don't visit often may have difficulty finding your building if it's not well lit. You may have lighted signage too, but when all of your exterior lights are on, your building stands out and the lights let customers know you're still open.

A commercial electrical service may suggest types of lighting to help keep installation and energy costs low. You might pick out lighting you love and have their placement picked out, but advice from a commercial electrician is important also since they know codes that apply to commercial properties, and they can keep you from making a code violation with your choices. To learn more, invest in commercial electrical services.