Do You Have A Light Switch That Needs To Be Replaced?

5 January 2021
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There are certain things throughout the home that are easily taken for granted. Take your light switches for example. Over the years, they are used thousands of times, and eventually, they will stop working and require replacement. There are certain red flags of a bad switch that are obvious, such as a pop, crackle, or snap when you flip it. If you have a light switch that you are concerned about, keep reading to learn some tips on how you can diagnose the issue and what steps to take next.

Signs Your Light Switch Needs To Be Replaced

So, you have replaced the light bulb to make sure that the bulb wasn't the problem, but the light still isn't coming on when you flick the switch. This is a clear sign that you have a dead switch on your hands. Here are a few more signs that you need to replace your switch.

Difficult Light Fixture

You have probably dealt with a light switch that doesn't want to work just right for you. It works one day, and the next day, it doesn't. It may flicker for a second or two before the light turns on, and the flicker is not fixed with a new light bulb. If you notice that you have these issues, then it is a sign that the connections are not being properly made inside of the light switch. Therefore, it needs to be replaced.

Noisy Switch

When light switches are in good working order, you won't hear a noise from them. Therefore, if you begin to hear popping, buzzing, or clicking noises coming from your light switches, something is amiss inside of the switch and it needs to be replaced immediately.

Sparking Switch

Have you ever seen a small spark come from the light switch when you flip it off? If so, this is referred to as a load arc, and it occurs when the connections inside of the switch pull away from each other. If you notice a large spark that also makes a noticeable snap, then the switch is no longer good. If you also notice scorch marks or smoke along with the spark and snap, a new switch is definitely in order.

Warm Switch

If you can touch your light switch and it is warm, this is a sign that something is going on inside the switch that is not normal. A dimmer switch is a different story, as it may be warm to the touch after it has been on for some time. Therefore, if your standard light switch is not cool and is warm to the touch instead, it needs to be replaced.

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