Situations Where You Might Want to Contact a Residential Electrical Expert

14 July 2021
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Your home's electrical system is probably one of the most important parts of your residence. An electrical system that is on the fritz could damage your electronic devices or even lead to a dangerous situation for you and your family. Just about any homeowner can flip a few switches on the breaker box, but if you are experiencing more significant trouble, it's likely best to reach out to an expert in residential electrical systems for help. Here are some situations where you might want to reach out to a local electrician for help.

You've Experienced a Leak Near Your Breaker Box or Electrical Panel

The best way to keep a leak away from your electrical panel or breaker box is to make sure the roof it's located in is waterproofed against leaks. But sometimes things can go sideways, even if you have put in the effort to secure your home properly. If you notice some water has made it into the basement or any other area in the home near where your electric panel is installed, it's better to be safe than sorry. You need to fix the leak promptly, but you should also contact a local residential electrician to make sure that the water didn't come into contact with any electrical wiring behind the panel or box.

You're Tired of Losing Power and Want a Whole Home Generator Installed

Does your home suffer frequent blackouts or do you experience frequent loss of power? A local electrician may be able to investigate the problem for you, but they can also assist with the installation of a brand new home generator. This device will kick in the moment you lose power and be able to keep your entire house running until the professionals can fix whatever happened to the local power grid.

You've Had a Power Surge Fry Some of Your Electronics

Did lightning strike near your house or did you otherwise suffer a significant power surge for some unknown reason? A bad surge can damage multiple electronic devices and perhaps even your electrical system as well. If you know you've been hit by a bigger surge, contact an electrician to come out and take a look.

You Haven't Had an Electrical Inspection in a Long Time

Of course, you don't need to wait until there's a problem to contact electrical help. A regular inspection by a residential electrical expert can help ensure that you won't develop any significant problems to begin with.