Tell-Tale Signs You Need To Update Your Electric Panel

11 January 2023
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Your electrical panel sends electricity in the right amount to the appropriate rooms. However, when there is a high demand for electricity that the panel cannot handle, it temporarily shuts down. This protects your building from electrical hazards. Use these signs to guide you on when to upgrade your electrical panel. 

Tripping Circuit Breakers

You should be alarmed if your workers constantly complain of circuit breaker trips. This shows that the circuits powering the offices aren't functioning correctly. The obvious solution is to replace the circuit breakers supplying the affected offices with high-capacity circuit breakers. However, if the wiring supplying these offices cannot handle the load, this solution will not work.

Your commercial electrician may recommend updating your electrical panel.

New Appliances Don't Function

Large appliances like air conditioners consume a lot of energy. Your current electrical panel may have insufficient bandwidth to make such appliances function. The more appliances you have, the greater the electrical load. The circuit breaker will trip if the appliances require more amps than your electrical panel can supply. The solution to this is to upgrade your electrical panel.

Warm Electrical Panel

When electricity is flowing, it releases some heat. If the wiring can handle this electricity, the heat is contained. However, the panel will be warm to the touch if the wiring is overloaded. You can feel the heat by placing your hand over the panel. Another sign is burn marks on the panel. This means it is overheating. Call a commercial electrician immediately to replace the panel if you notice any of these signs.

Dimming Lights

Dimming lights also indicate that your electrical panel and wiring should be updated. Lights dim when the load on your circuit increases. For example, when the lights in your office dim after you turn on an appliance, it indicates the wiring in that room cannot handle the demands of the circuit.

This can result in overheating of the wiring or receptacles. If this issue is limited to one light, the wiring to that specific light is faulty. However, you must upgrade your wiring or electrical panel if numerous lights are affected.

In Closing

Upgrading your electrical panel is an investment that will benefit both you and your employees for years to come. The upgrade supports new electrical appliances and allows workers to operate comfortably without the inconvenience of circuit breakers and dimming lights. If you notice any signs of old-fashioned electrical standards, ask a commercial electrician to inspect your building and remedy the situation.

For more information about electrical panels, contact a commercial electrician.