5 Popular Electrical Upgrades To Consider

13 February 2023
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Old electrical wiring can lead to unreliable electricity, poor efficiency, inconvenience, and electrical hazards. When you are ready to upgrade your electrical system, use the opportunity to bring your home's wiring into the modern age with these five desirable electrical upgrades. 

1. USB Outlets

USB cords were first made for computers. As computers became integrated into people's daily lives, USB cords became more and more universal. Many phone chargers provided a block with a USB port to allow users to plug the phone into the USB port of their computer or the block in the nearest outlet. USB outlets are especially useful near the bed and the couches, where you may lounge with your phone.   

2. Light Dimmers

Most lights have two settings: on and off. Many people don't necessarily want the full impact of the lights when they wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom or get a drink of water. In these cases, a dimmer switch can help people avoid jarring bright lights. Install dimmer lights in the kitchen and bathroom. You may even want to install a dimmer light in your bedroom. 

3. Smart Outlets 

Not to be confused with USB outlets, although these outlets may have USB ports too, smart outlets allow for connectivity. You can control your smart outlet from an app on your phone. You won't need to get up from bed to turn off the lamp. You can even turn off the lamp at work. Many smart outlets also provide valuable feedback on usage and can alert you to any irregularities. 

4. Remote-Controlled Fans and Blinds

Get rid of your old ceiling fans and blinds and upgrade them to remote-controlled fans and blinds. With a technology upgrade, you won't need to tug on a rope or flip a switch to control your ceiling fan. You will also be able to mechanically draw your blinds when you want to protect your furniture from UV rays in the summer or keep the cold out in the winter. 

5. Backup Generators 

It doesn't matter how new your electrical system is in the case of a power outage. Prepare by installing backup generators on your property to keep your power, even when the rest of the grid is dark. The backup power may be able to keep your family safe during natural disasters, so it's about more than convenience. 

These upgrades will make you more comfortable in your home, and they can also increase your home's value! Call an electrical company for more information.