How To Know Your Electrical Outlets Need Replacement

23 March 2023
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Have you been noticing some signs of wear and tear with your electrical outlets? You may be wondering whether or not you need to change them. Electrical outlets are one of the most used components of your electrical system. They are often overlooked, but when they start to malfunction, it becomes glaringly obvious. Here are some signs you need to replace your outlets.

Burn Marks

Seeing burn marks on your electrical outlet is one of those things that is hard to ignore. If you notice that there is discoloration and that parts of the outlet seem to be melting, stop using the outlet immediately.

It means that sparking is taking place in the electrical outlet, and this can be dangerous. Contact your electrician and get it repaired as quickly as you can.

Chips and Cracks in Outlets 

If you notice chips, this is also a sign that you should be concerned about. If there are chips or cracks in the outlet, these gaps can cause debris to start settling inside the outlet. Once you plug something in, the debris can act as kindling, which can lead to an electrical fire. You must have these outlets repaired as soon as possible.

Plugs Fall Out Easily

When your outlets are worn out and need replacement, you will notice that whenever you plug something in, it falls out quickly. The failure to grip the plug is an indication that the outlet is worn out and needs replacement. 

All of this can cause what is known as electrical arcing. Electrical arcing is notorious for causing fires. Try to have the outlets replaced as soon as you can.

Hot to the Touch

If the electrical outlet is hot when you touch it. This is also a symptom that it has been damaged in some way. There is often a wiring issue. Once the wiring is damaged and causing your outlet to feel warm, it's time to call the electrician.

Sparks Are Flying

Another unmistakable sign that something is wrong with your electrical outlet is when you plug in an appliance and you see sparks. If you also see or smell smoke coming out of the outlet, it is time to call your electrician as this is not safe.

There are many signs that your electrical outlets are not performing as they should. The key to remember is that you should never ignore these signs and that you should call in a professional to deal with them as soon as you notice that something's wrong.

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